Revamp your home in 5 steps!

Small tips that will transform your personal space.

It is true that our home energy and the feeling it creates has the power to influence our mood and wellbeing. If there is one month that can be the perfect opportunity for re-alignment and a chance for applying practices for an easier and better everyday life, it has to be September! Keep reading and discover ways in which you can instantly achieve such a transformation.

Smart storage

What would you say about turning your bathroom into a small, private spa? To begin with, remove all daily care products from their packages and put them in stylish glass bowls or jars. Get rid of products you are no longer using and create new storage spaces next to the bathroom sink or on shelves, keeping your surfaces clean and empty, as much as possible. Extra tip: keep your towels in a single color for an extra touch of luxury.

Say “no” to clutter

Separating the things we actually use from things we should get rid of can be extremely therapeutic, as is expressly shown by the saying “tidy home, tidy mind”. Grab the opportunity to throw (or give) away anything you don’t need and keep only what you really need and love. Ideally, begin at your bedroom wardrobes, the kitchen cabinets and any storing space you might have at your living room.

Plants and flowers

There is nothing more refreshing than watching your plants grow. This is one of the secrets that will instantly invigorate your space so try adding some plants and flowers. What they need most is light and good air ventilation. Two elements that are not only necessary for your plants’ wellbeing, but will also positively affect the overall energy of your home.

Refresh your bedroom

An immediate and powerful way to refresh the space where you go to rest is to add pillows of different sizes – they will improve your comfort and relaxation. Also, choosing low lighting next to your bed goes a long way towards creating a perfect relaxing environment.

Color refresh

Natural hues on your home walls are the ideal choice and they can function as the base for your space. However, you can still sprinkle your house with an explosion of color by choosing accessories, throw pillows and flowers in powerful shades. It is something you can easily change and is a proven, effective way for an instant refresh.

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