Make your bedroom feel like a boutique hotel!

Follow these five simple and quick steps and renew your bedroom with a touch of luxury




If you are dreaming of a bedroom similar to those you see at boutique hotels, keep reading. Luxury touches with the aid of textiles, clever decoration, key items that will add personality and a king size bed will create a space that you will enjoy for its comfort as well as its style!



Statement Item

Focus on a statement item or furniture in the room. It could be the bed, a ceiling pendant, an armchair, or even a wallpaper. Make sure it is the only bold item in the bedroom and let everything interact with the rest items in the room.






King Size

If you are planning to invest in a new bed, choose the largest dimension your bedroom can take. Make sure to check the distances from the rest furniture in order to get the energy flow in the room correct.








The bed-side table’s role in decoration

Remove extra items from your bed-side tables and keep surfaces clear. Make sure you hide anything you don’t absolutely have to have on top of the table and place items you use daily on a serving tray or a small clear box. An aromatic candle and a small vase with fresh flowers are ideal for your bed-side table décor.






Textiles: how to choose the right ones

Combine different textures. Use velvet or cotton textiles for the curtains, throws and sheets and add a lot of throw cushions to your bed. Monochrome textiles in light and dusty shades add an aura of luxury and calmness.

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