Project Luxury: How to make your home look luxurious!

Our living room space is definitely one of the areas that are the protagonists of our house. It is the space where we relax, unwind and host our favorite people. How about letting us help you update furniture you already have and make your living room look as luxurious as it gets without breaking the bank? Read below to discover secrets and tips that will give your house the desirable air of luxury.

Step one: Colors

In order for your space to look luxurious, first you have to carefully examine all its details, in order to use the right color palette, with hues that will compliment each other in harmony – try using shades of gray, brown and blue, as well as the classic combination of black and white. By choosing one to three main colors, you will give your living room a refined and timeless look.



Step two: Lighting

Lighting is a very important chapter in interior decoration, therefore try to be strategic about it. Place your living room lighting fixtures in such a way that they will add warmth and luxury to your space. Combine ceiling pendants, floor lamps, table lamps as well as scones and increase your room’s personality. Choose one statement fixture and keep all the rest “quiet” and minimal, in order to upgrade your space without extravagance.

Step three:  Artwork

The third step, that will make your living room look luxurious is artwork. Works of art add immediate value to your space, regardless of their market value. Depending on your furniture style, as well as your room size, place artwork on the walls or simply put them on shelves or cupboards. Choose a bigger scale painting if you wish to cover a large wall surface.

Step four: Textiles

Do not forget to choose good quality textiles for your curtains as well as your throws and cushions. They will create the desirable updated feeling and guarantee a timeless style. Another strategic tip is to place your curtains high up the wall, near the ceiling, adding more height to your space. Monochrome textiles, in shades similar to the color of your walls, will add luxury and calmness.

An extra tip, that will make you smile warmly every time you walk in your living room is to choose a spot where you will feature some favorite special objects and/or pictures.

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