Transform your home by choosing the right lighting!

The power of lighting fixtures will impress you.

Lighting is not simply a utility for everyday life. In interior design terms, it has the power to transform all spaces and add personality and style. It can “separate” open spaces, it makes a statement, it brings out architecture and creates the intended atmosphere in each room of the house. Below are the four strategic steps that will help you take advantage of lighting in order to revamp your personal space.

Create “zones”

In an open plan house, with common areas, such as kitchen and sitting room or a corridor leading to the bedrooms, you can easily indicate their different uses with the right use of lighting. Think carefully about the use and installation of lighting and use ceiling pendants, table lamps as well as wall scones. A clever way to draw attention to something is to highlight your decorative items or your favorite artwork with spot lighting.

Add personality to your space

Remember that lighting has the power to create a room’s design identity. Therefore, choose one spot at your house -ideally the dining table area- and try to decorate it with an impressive ceiling pendant. It is important to balance large lighting elements with smaller, this way creating different levels that add to the feeling of coziness and bring a feeling of harmony to your home atmosphere.

Get the most out of architecture

You can also use lighting to turn the architectural elements of the building, such as staircases or other structural elements, eg. a pillar, to an impressive statement, showcasing details and emphasizing its shape and structure.

Create the best atmosphere

When designing a space, one of the most important things you should take into account is the use of each room, in order to decide the type of lighting you will use. For example, consider if it is a space of relaxation, a space for concentration, or both. This is the first step that will guide us in choosing the correct lighting for each space.

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