How to design your living room step-by-step!

Based on your space, your interests and of course, your signature style.

At the beginning of your home transformation journey, before you even begin decorating it, you have to take into consideration some important factors, that will define the overall functionality and structure of your home. Our personal style is very important, as well as the mood we want to create and, of course, our budget.

The main issue, which will help us significantly, is to clarify the main use of each space, our needs and how we want to live our everyday life.

Here are three basic elements/details that you have to consider, in order to create a functional, comfortable and beautiful living room.

The “protagonist

Pin down and focus on the exact point you want to dominate your space. It might be a structural, stable element, such as a window or your fireplace or something you have added yourself, i.e. a statement ceiling pendant or your TV-set.

If, at the end of the day, your greatest pleasure is lounging before the TV, binging on movies, then your furniture should be arranged accordingly. Similarly, if you love watching the view out of your window or enjoying your fireplace crackling, then follow those lines. The same applies if you prefer reading or spending time with your friends and family.


It is important to create particular areas – zones for conversation and relaxation, in order to enjoy your family and friends’ company.

Pay special Attention to the flow of the space

Measure your space, from wall to wall, noting the room dimensions and then measure the main furniture dimensions and add them to your floor plan. Remember we mainly take into consideration furniture that is grounded, because they are mostly defining the flow of our space. Main furniture are items such as sofas, armchairs and coffee tables. After we have decided on their position, we consider the walls, free spaces, as well as all distances and add respectively, depending on the needs that arise, decorative or functional elements – paintings on the walls, small side tables, table lamps, shelves on walls etc.


Finally, it is very important to keep in mind that your space should reflect your personal preferences and your signature style, so make sure to make all choices according to your own aesthetics and taste.

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