A Room full of Colors!

Add some color to your space and improve your mood, as well as the mood of your closest people!

Color is a decorating technique with a double value: initially, it has the power to transform all the spaces of our house, while at the same time, it affects our psychology significantly. In this article you will find ways to add color to your personal space easily and quickly.

Say “yes” to artwork

One of the best ways to add color to our walls is to invest in artworks. This doesn’t mean we necessarily have to choose expensive items. Nowadays, there is a wide range of prices in the art market and we can also buy posters or printed canvases, not only paintings. Choose large scale artwork in order to make your space look even wider and more luxurious.

Color Blocking

Adding color to our walls is the first thing that comes to mind when we want to add color to our space. Choose bright, bold hues, combine them with vivid textile patterns and create a unique environment.

Carpet colors

In a space where all colors are muted and tones are natural, on walls, furniture, textiles -curtains and throws- as well as decorative items, choosing a carpet in a bold color will make the room take on a new, totally fresh dimension.

Furniture in statement colors

Choose a sofa in a vivid, deep color, or if you already have a neutral-colored sofa, invest in an armchair with dynamic prints or a bold color. In this case, it is important to keep the space balance, by choosing the rest furniture and wall colors neutral.

Another way, although a little more daring, is to add color to your kitchen cabinets. Shades of blue and green as well as dusty pink work perfectly. Similarly, in this case, make sure to keep all other elements in earthy, calm tones and add small “dashes” of the main color to paintings or other decorative items.

Black is also a color that brings forward, adds tension and luxury when used complimentary to our decorative elements.

Color and its various shades

Using different shades of the same color can bring a dramatic change in a room. Choose a color you love and repeat it in various spots at your house, in different shades.

Bold floors

Color on the floor? Of course! The floor can be the base on which you will create the rest of your space mood. You can choose a contrasting tile pattern, a timeless black and white or any color that you like.


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