5 Ways to create your own statement bathroom

Exactly as you have dreamed it!
In all major house refurbishments, the bathroom is a significant chapter – it has the power to add a lot of character to our space. It can demonstrate our personal
aesthetics and become the ultimate relaxation and well-being area. In this article you will find the best tips to make your bathroom one of your home’s statement spots.
Lighting is the first and most important step to create a“dramatic” feeling in your bathroom. This can be achieved by combining different light sources, on the ceiling and behind or around the mirror, as well as by adjusting the intensity of the light. A clever tip is to add decorative wall scones on the left and right side of your mirror.
Try covering your bathroom walls with wallpaper. You will find a lot of wallpapers suited to bathroom walls in a wide range of designs and colors in your local shops or online. If you are still worried about humidity and practical issues, add a glass panel over the wallpaper behind the bathroom sink and near the bathtub or shower cabinet. Go for bold patterns that add a powerful personality to your bathroom.
Mix & Match
Combine different tile patterns. Choose contrasting colors and designs for walls andthe floor and keep the rest of your bathroom’s surfaces minimal and free of
decorative items.
Natural materials
Invest in natural materials to instantly transform your bathroom. A good choice is wood, which will add a special touch to your bathroom. Add it on the walls, as well as the floor. Another impressive material is marble, which can be used to cover the bathroom from top to ceiling. A very unique and luxurious marble type is the green marble from Tinos and Naousa as well as that of Mycenae, with the brown-red veins. In case you don’t want to use marble but love the effect it creates, you can search for tiles that imitate marble. Add color to the walls
Add color to the walls
See your bathroom transformed in the ultimate statement space with just one change. Add splashes of color on the wall (above the tiles, if your tiles are not ceiling-high) or even on the ceiling, with a shade similar to the tile color. If you would rather go for a bold and intense look, choose a bold,intense color that will contrast all other elements in the room.

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